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            It might be surprising, but there are people that live in the rainforest. They usually make things themselves and are very independent. They use rainforest materials to make blowguns, spears, and arrows. There are plenty of products in the rainforest such as clean water, fruit, meat, fish, clothing, and shelter. There is also a good source of plants that are a good source of medicine for sick people. Most of today's medicine is from plants. .
             However, there are problems that the natives face like lack of food, ecotourism , they have to supply themselves, and if the rainforest gets destroyed their homes get destroyed. The outsiders view the people that live there as strange and uneducated, no one cares about their jungle skills because they aren't as educated and have less technology. The jungle people are jealous of the outsider's technology because they can't drive around in cars. .
             When forest people are given tools and utensils they don't know what to do with them. They usually try to hurt each other. In my opinion I don't think the forest people would want the modern technology because they would try to go and live somewhere else. The jungle people probably don't want change because they are so used to their environment, they don't know what change is, and they wouldn't be able to survive in city life. .
             Now more about their everyday habits, the things they eat are manioc, which is a potato like vegetable that grows underground. Plantains, which look like bananas and have a bitter taste, and quichua. They hunt pura, which is like a rat from the rodent family and live in the forest. They also hunt monkeys, wild pigs, rabbit, deer, and fish. The weapons they use are blowguns, which rifles have replaced today.
             Making a living is very difficult for them also. They have to clear the land, they slash and burn bushes and trees which is bad for the land because it destroys living things. Another way they would clear the land is to clear and plant a new section of land leaving the old section to re-grow as secondary forest.

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