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JFK assassination

             Imagine yourself standing in a crowd of people, all of them clapping and cheering for one person. The date is November 22, 1963 and the time is 12:25 in the afternoon and you are in Dallas, Texas (Wallechinsky 1). You are waiting for one person, one man to come down the road so you can see him and experience his presence for two or three seconds. You look down the street and here he comes, in his black Lincoln with the bubble top off so he can be closer to you and all the people around you. He waves and smiles and even though you know he isn't, you think he is doing it all just for you. That is all you are thinking about -him and how he is here for you and the people around you. That is what you are thinking about when it happens. Something that will change the country and even the world for years to come. You hear gun shots, but you aren't sure where the shots are coming from. You start your head on a swivel, looking up and down and in every direction to try and find where the bullets are coming from. You can't find them so you look back at the fourteen-car motorcade, and then at the black Lincoln limousine with the bulletproof bubble top off and then finally you look at him. You keep your eyes fixated on this man, and suddenly you hear a third and final gunshot and watch as the bullet hits the front side of his face, sending his body back and totally destructing his face and head. Everyone starts to scream again, but not the .
             excited joyful screams of before. They are screams and shrieks of horror. The woman in the car sitting next to him, his wife, is going crazy. She tries to slide off the back of the car, but someone stops her and tells her to sit back in the car. With her back in, the Lincoln drives off out of sight. You have just seen the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You were one of the thousands of people to see him killed, but you are also one of the thousands not to have seen who killed him.

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