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             In recent years many parents, coaches and athletes have felt pressure for youth participating in sport to be successful in life. Many people argue that sports provide many benefits such as learning how to develop skills such as, cooperation with others, also known as teamwork, discipline skills and of course fitness which is in fact true. However participating fully on one sport all year round and focusing entirely solely on that goal in sport is in fact harmful. Stress, burnout and over-training are all side effects of heavy participation in sport. .
             In July 2000, the Canadian Institute for the Study of Youth Sports has noticed and .
             reported that the American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement recommending .
             that children should be encouraged to participate in a variety of different activities and to .
             develop a wide range of skills. This article was taken under consideration and it means .
             that it can have three potential consequences, stress, burn-out and over training. .
             Regardless of the type of sport or level of competition, there is a great chance that an .
             athlete will experience some stress during sport participation. This stress may not only be .
             negative, but the study done by Weinberg de Gould in 1995 shows that 1 out of 10 .
             athletes will experience excessive stress that can lead to a great deal of problems. .
             Excessive stress will be produced when an athlete is concentrated 100% and .
             focused only on one sport while participating fully at the practices all year round, in some .
             cases this is the only way to be the best. In the recent years many athletes have noticed .
             - 2 -.
             that sports aren't fun anymore, its hard work and competition that may cause sport to lose .
             its point. .
             Stress can be caused by both the athlete's personal characteristics as well as the .
             environmental factors that surround the athlete. The personal characteristics may .
             is the factor that shows most often.

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