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            I did my observation at Ridgewood High School in Norridge Illinois. Ridgewood has approximately 1500 students. What is unique about Ridgewood high school is that they are one of the few schools that are on block scheduling instead of mod scheduling. One block is 90 minutes long. Each teacher teaches 3 blocks a day and has the 4th block for preparation. Ridgewood High School is very hi-tech for its time. It has at least one computer in each classroom. Every student has an email address through the school with a Ridgewood domain name. Ridgewood has it "s own server and hosts it's own website. All lesson plans are on the Internet and attendance is taken on the computer and automatically sent to the attendance office. The attendance sheet is equipped with names and pictures of the students in each class. This is very helpful for substitute teachers. I did my observation with Mr. Robert St. John. Mr. St. John is one of six faculty members in the History Department. Mr. St. John teachers three history classes: Two World Cultures and one American History. World Cultures is a freshman course and has freshmen in it (ages 14-15). His American History class is mostly juniors and seniors (ages 16-18). .
             His classroom is decorated with 6 different maps. He has many pictures and paintings around the classroom. Most of the pictures are of Presidents or famous events in History. The teacher decorated the back of the room with pictures and banners from the college he attended. I like the idea and plan to do the same thing; it encourages students to attend college. These pictures generate a lot of questions about college life. The teacher always encourages the students to go to college. The teacher's desk is at the front of the classroom. It has a computer on it that he uses for attendance. It faces the student's desks (34 in all). There are windows on the right side of the classroom that overlook the courtyard.

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