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             Joo-Joo's Trojan Horse Bistro will be a Toronto based company and will operate in a single-unit medium sized restaurant serving healthy, modern ethnic food. The restaurant will be located between Pape and Chester Streets on the Danforth, in the heart of Greek town.
             Mission Statement:.
             The company's goal is many sided, meaning that my responsibility is to make sure that the company is making money. I will try to meet this goal by making sure that my products is good for the health of the customers and staff; the kind of effect my business will have on the community and the environment, and the customer relations in terms of fairness, understanding, and good relations between ass aspects of the business. Being aware of such facts will give purpose and meaning to the business and not just making money.
             Development: The company was incorporated in March of 2003 and founded by me, Joo-Young Lim. I am also the president and is is about 5,000 shares of common stock issued. I own about 25% and the rest is kept by the company for future distribution. I have put in about $25,000 of my own money for research and start-up costs. A good site for the first restaurant was found about a month ago and the negotiations are well on the way. The exact location will be just west of Chester Street on the Danforth and close to a dense population, well within the target market. The lease calls for about three months of free rent for construction and during that time the rest of the start up costs must be raised somehow. Once this is completed, Joo-Joo's Trojan Horse Bistro can open and the operations part of the business can start. If by the end of the first year the projections are met, then it is possible to begin looking for a second location and develop plans for the next bistro. My five year goal is to have three bistros in the GTA with a combined annual profit of about $750,000.
             Analysis of Industry:.
             The industry may be very competitive but the lifestyle changes due to modern living call for more restaurants.

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