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Brave new world

            The novel, Brave New World introduces the reader to just that: a new world. A world without marriage, pain, or love. A world where babies are decanted, not born, and there is a caste system. Mr. Huxley writes about a futuristic world, yet some of the ideas don't seem that far away in time at all. Brave New World seems void of any real feeling, suspense, or excitement. It slowly plods through the lives of the citizens, realistically depicting dictatorship and censorship. I found Brave New World boring and pretty pointless, with an ending that made the reader feel like Huxley had just gotten tired of writing and slapped on any ending he could make. Brave New World has an intriguing beginning, but the book slowly becomes less and less interesting, ending in a very disappointing way.
             The book starts out interesting, but it slowly gets worse and worse, becoming more boring as the plot weakens. The beginning is intriguing because it introduces the reader to a whole new way of life, where monogamy is a thing of the past and Henry Ford is the only deity the citizens know. The first chapter gives you a feel for the community. Then it starts to zoom into specific characters, following them through their daily lives. The author describes what a citizen in the "brave new world" regularly does in one day, which usually involves him or her in many mundane tasks. There is a lot of dialogue, but little action. Soon, a new character is introduced: "The Savage". Brought into the "civilized" world from the jungle, the Savage questions many things he sees in this new world, and eventually he causes an uproar. When the Savage is introduced, excitement and anticlimax build, only to begin another slow, downward spiral. Finally, there is the ending; a jarring, hasty end to the story. It leaves the reader flipping through the blank pages at the end of the book, thinking: "Where's the next chapter? That couldn't have been the end.

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