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The French and Indian War

             The French and Indian war was not a war between French and Indians only; it was also a war that involved a lot of other countries. It left a lot of casualties and was a remarkable war. In this war, there were few famous historical figures that also fought in this war.
             The war began because there were other countries that wanted to expand their territories. The English, wanting to swell their land, often moved into the land claimed by the French. Later, they form several forts by the French along the frontier. Some of these forts were Fort Duquence and Fort Miamis. The French had always dislike the English do to a lot of years of fighting. The Indians than allied themselves with the French in raiding parties. The English tried to irritate the French as much as possible until they got what they wanted, which was to move the French out. With tensions raiding high, the French began to build little Fort Le Boeuf down the river from Fort Duquence. When this happened, the English claimed the land as theirs. After having certain arguments, the English came up with a plan. The plan was to send Major Gorge Washington to the region of Fort Duquence and to force them to move from their property. Washington skirmished with a French detachment. This left the first bloodshed that later became the first war that reached far beyond America. Washington was surrounded and went back with his few survivors.
             The English, the Canadians, and the Indians were part of this war where two of them allied. The English sent a General named Braddock with a large force. In long rows of men, they marched down the road. Unfortunately, they didn't saw the Canadians and the Indians hiding in the woods into it was too late. For French this was good news because it was as good as target practice. For the English it was a wholesale slaughter. The flagship of the English fleet came broadside to the French vessel. A commander named Hoctquart, questioned another commander of Dunkirk that if they were at peace or war.

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