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French And Indian War

             This was a war between the French and the British.
             They were fighting over land in western Pennsylvania and in Ohio.
             After the war Britain had a huge war dept that they wanted the colonist to pay for increasing their taxes.
             King George III.
             George the III became king in 1760.
             He raised the taxes on tea, sugar, glass, and all paper products.
             He passed acts such as the stamp act and the intolerable acts.
             The Stamp Act of 1765.
             This was the 1st direct tax on the colonist. This act required the .
             Colonies to pay taxes on all paper products: Legal documents,.
             Pamphlets, newspapers, and even playing cards .
             Boston Tea Party.
             The Boston Tea Party took place in 1773. This was when a group of.
             Colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped 342 chests of British Tea.
             Into the Boston harbor, this was a protest against further taxes against the colonist.
             Intolerable Acts 1773.
             This act was passed by the parliament as a punishment towards the colonists.
             For the damage they caused at the Boston tea party. The Boston Harbor was .
             Shut down and Massachusetts lost its right to govern itself. This was also.
             Known as the Coercive Act.
             First Continental Congress 1774.
             In September of 1774 all of the colonies meet in Philadelphia except for Georgia.
             Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Richard Henry Lee, and George Washington.
             They imposed an embargo, which angered Britain and caused British troops to come to America.
             Second Continental Congress 1775.
             When all 13 colonies came together and assumed all power of the central government, they voted .
             For an organized army and navy , and also agreed to pay money for the war. They chose George Washington.
             To lead the army and started to negotiate treaties with other countries.
             Declaration of Independence July 4,1776.
             Was written by Thomas Jefferson. It was a document stating why the colonies .
             Wanted their independence and what their new government was going to be based on.
             There was three different parts to the declaration, which stated the basic human rights, .

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