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World Poverty

             World poverty is something that most grown up people have thought about it at least once. Well, I've thought about it for several times and every time it made me feel sad about it. World poverty is an issue that has been for many years. It's true that human is has been sent to earth equal, but after human began to civilize people were divided three groups like poor people, middle class people, and rich people. When time passed rich people got richer and richer, and middle class people and poor people got poorer and poorer and until now this tradition has survived and all of us see this world poverty. Personally, I thought about some ways to avoid this issue but I don't think human's behaviors let this happen. One of ways that I think it can help to bring down the percentage of poor people is that the poor people should avoid reproduction because when someone can not handle himself/herself, why bringing a innocent child to life?, but human need the sex and poor people can not afford to protect themselves. Can they forget about having sex or making love? Maybe %50 of poor people can do it but what about the rest? The other way that I thought about it and is not a new way is that the government should make jobs for all people, so they can earn money and help themselves to have a middle class life. We see that the government is more interested in war and helping other people's countries than his own people, so this way impossible at this time too. That's the thinks I think sometimes about it, and it makes me feel bad about this world because everyday or every time you turn on your TV or Radio you see that many people are dying from hunger and this World (world poverty) is getting bigger and bigger.

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