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Case study

            Social Background and Present Status.
             Patient X is a Haitian born immigrant, who has been a legal citizen of the United States for 27 years. She is the mother of four children all of whom were born in Haiti as well. Two years prior to the crash, Patient X had filed for the remaining members of her family (two children and her husband). Though they have not yet arrived, according to the information that INS had given her, their arrival was expected within the next year. .
             Patient X was raised Catholic and is still practicing. According to an attending RN, her family structure was based upon the her strong religious beliefs. .
             She had worked as a dressmaker in her homeland and continued dress making as a side job here in the US, while using childcare as her primary means of income. She had currently been living with two of her children (a son and a daughter) in Brooklyn. Since the accident, her son was killed and she can no longer take care of herself, leaving her daughter to live alone. Her highest level of education was equivalent to an American High School Diploma. Her children had similar educational backgrounds, although both had taken a few college courses as well. .
             Due to the impact of the car crash, she is no longer able to provide childcare. The accident was a hit and run, therefore she has since received no money for the accident, nor is she receiving any type of financial assistance. Her daughter has since had to take over all of the family bills. The accident has left the family to a one-income household, where as prior they use to be a three-income family. Financially, this has left the daughter strapped. Due to the severity of her injuries and the financial costs of services, she is extremely limited to any long-term care that she will receive.
             In addition to the financial impact this has placed on the daughter, she has now found herself alone. Any family she has left is still in Haiti, and due to the poor conditions of the country, communication with them is limited.

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