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A Woman's Place is in the Home

            A woman is a victim of the burden of bringing up children and looking after the home and running domestic affairs. While the men go out to be bread-winners and do not look back at the housework or taking care of children. Women are put up to the never-ending struggle against dust, stains, mud and dirt because men do not contribute to housework, even if their partners are in full-time work. So mothers who go to work outside know that they have to do effectively two jobs, be exhausted and still have to pay for childcare. "A woman's place is in the home"- this statement is baseless and out of date. The world cannot be run by arrogant and intrusive men who make up fifty percent of the world's population. How can half the people operate the world? This is clearly shown from the fact that almost all third world nation women are forced to stay in the kitchen and bring up children, which is why those countries are economically struggling. For a nation to succeed, the men and women have to join hands to create a workforce twice as active. .
             The achievement of full equality between the sexes is essential to human progress and the transformation of society. Inequality restricts not only the advancement of women but the progress of civilization itself. The persistent denial of equality to one-half of the world's population is a disgrace to human dignity. It promotes destructive attitudes and habits in men and women that pass from family to the workplace, to political life, and ultimately to international relations. On no grounds, moral, biological or traditional can inequality be justified. The moral and psychological climate necessary to enable any nation to establish social justice and to contribute to global peace will be created only when women attain full partnership with men in all fields of endeavor.
             The systematic oppression of women is a regretful and tragic fact of history. Restricted to narrow spheres of activity in the life of society, denied educational opportunities and basic human rights, subjected to violence and frequently treated as less than human, women have been prevented from realizing their true potential.

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