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            During the past century the roles and lives of women has changed dramatically. Women have gone from being nothing and into an equal part or society. The suffrage movement played an important role in this change.
             During the 1800's and 1900's newspapers played an important role in Americans lives. They were used to find out information on what's going on in the world. There are many articles and books that related to the woman's fight for equality. During world war one many woman took over the men's jobs in factories to keep there family alive and to clothe and feed their kids. Woman liked the feeling of working for what they wanted and when the war was over woman didn't want o give up their jobs back to the men returning from the war. That's when woman finally started to realizes that it is on fair for the men to be the only ones working in this world. In the Wheeler and Becker book there are five articles that will catch your eye. These five articles all come from different sources and all show how woman's right for equality was a long and hard struggle and how other felt about woman working in a mans world. In article two they state how woman took over jobs in real estate, copywriters, they filled executive offices. They where not going to give up their jobs. It also states "they had a self-sustaining life of their own with a cigarette after every meal and a lover in the evening to wander about with and lend color to life." This article shows how the lives of woman changed from being in the house all the time to going out and even smoking cigarettes. Many people didn't believe it was right for a woman to leave her home and family to get a job it created alloy of controversy. As shown in article five they state that when a woman leaves their home "she is regarded as a menace to the race and held accountable for the falling birth rate." Woman would work up 54 hours a week from Monday to Saturday and Sunday they would spend all day cleaning their house and bath their children and get everything ready for the week to come.

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