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Arguement for Human Cloning

            Even the idea of a human clone sounds intriguing. The concept of having someone similar to you, both physically and somewhat emotionally, is mind blowing. While the first human clone is no doubt years away, the fact remains that this is an inevitable step for mankind.
             Though many Americans may hold fears or unrealistic assumptions about human cloning, cloning can in fact be beneficial to our society. Human cloning should not be banned because it can be beneficial for the human race in terms of infertile couples, genetic research, and organ cloning. The benefits of human cloning are numerous and waiting to be discovered, some even say that human cloning could have the power it cure infertility. .
             Infertile men often feel like they are not "not holding up their part of the bargain," while women are made to feel as if they are "useless barren vessels." The current options for infertile couples are inefficient, painful, expensive, and heart breaking. Many couples run out of time and money without successfully having children. Cloning could make it possible for many more infertile couples to have children than ever before by boosting efficiency through nuclear transfer, rather than in in-vitro fertilization, which is very often ineffective and only results in a healthy pregnancy 10% of the time. (Cohen 6). Some argue that if human cloning was allowed, it would effect the world's genetic diversity. They fear that here would be hundreds of clones of Cindy Crawford or Michael Jordan. This is most likely not so though because of the economical and emotional factors, very few parents would choose cloning. The amount of couples that are infertile and would choose to clone represents a drop in the ocean of genetic diversity. Cloning should legal because it is beneficial to infertile couples as well as to medical research.
             Through cloning, mankind can cure and prevent some of todays most common and deadliest diseases.

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