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The Wall Plot Summary

             The Wall by Jean Paul Sartre, translated by Maria Jolas, is a Modern form of literature created by Sartre. This short story is loaded with philosophical overtones and one pure moral lesson. The main character's name is Pablo Ibbieta who seems to be narrating the story from his point of view. There are two other characters that join him in his conflict of being executed. Tom and Juan join the main character in the cellar of a hospital in a cell. The story takes place during the Spanish Civil War and it is apparent that our main character and the other two are not on the side of the Republic. The conflict is that of facing and overcoming the fear of death. .
             The wall that suggests the title of the story is that of the firing range wall. Though the characters do not see it it is very prominent in their minds. More so the wall is a symbol of their death and how they have no chance of escaping it. Pablo the main character even goes as far as to suggest the possible of going through the wall to escape the inevitable. This thought is comes as reality to the characters for they in a way suggests they are now walking ghosts as it is implied. A doctor that stays with them though the night visits the characters. They suggest that he is the only one alive in the cell. This comparison of dead versus alive for the characters is manifested though their observations of themselves compared to the doctor. The doctor seems to show none of the characters physical characteristics or mental anguish. The main characters fear death, but imply they are already dead. This is irony and foreshadows evens to come.
             In conclusion, Pablo is not dealt the same fate as Juan and Tom. Of course this is an implication for the only thing the narrator has knowledge of is that the two are taken from the cell and shots are heard much later. The irony surrounding Pablo comes from his interrogation an hour later from the military.

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