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             The passage I chose for this essay is on pages 72-73, lines 631-661, from Beowulf.
             "I resolved that when I set out over the waves,.
             sat down in my ship with my troop of soldiers,.
             that I would entirely fulfill the wishes.
             of your people, or fall slain,.
             fast in the grip of my foe. I shall perform.
             a deed of manly courage, or in this meadhall.
             I will await the end of my days!".
             These words well pleased that woman,.
             The boasting of the Geat; she went, the gold-adorned.
             And courteous folk-queen, to sit beside her lord.
             Then as before, there in that hall were.
             strong words spoken, the people, happy,.
             the sounds of a victorious nation, until shortly.
             the son of Healfdene wished to seek.
             his evening rest; he knew that the wretched beast.
             had been planning to do battle in the high building.
             from the time they could first see the sunrise .
             until night fell darkening over all,.
             and creatures of shadow came creeping about.
             One warrior greeted another there,.
             Hrothgar to Beowulf, and wished him luck.
             gave him control of the wine hall in these words:.
             "I have never entrusted any man,.
             ever since I could hold and hoist a shield,.
             the great hall of the Danes - except you now.
             Have it and hold it, protect this best of houses,.
             be mindful of glory, show your mighty valor, .
             watch your enemies! You will have all you desire,.
             if you emerge from this brave undertaking alive.".
             In the story, Beowulf, it is questioned as to what is the main character's most significant value is. Some examples of this are power, money, reputation, and freedom. The most important, however, is the value of service. This is service in the sense that it is Beowulf's duty to carry out the responsibilities that he is asked of him throughout the story. He has been chosen as the one who can defeat the monstrous beast, Grendel, and sacrifices his life in order to protect the lives of others.
             In the passage I chose, Beowulf states, "I would entirely fulfill the wishes of your people, or fall slain," (l.

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