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Religion and War

             What can cause war but also have people seek peace? What can give support to nations leaders but also have them question their ethics? What can provide strength to soldiers and assure them protection? Religion. Religion has played a large roll within soldiers, helping leaders during war, and creating views that protest against and for, ideals of war.
             Soldiers all over the world enlist in the military forces for United States. Many have no hope at all that they will live through the war they are fighting in to defend their country. There is hope though, that 55 million American soldiers turned to during their time in war, according to American Military History (Chambers II 602). That hope is religion in which soldiers can find strength and protection. " Please God let me see the sunset. Please God, let me see another morning. Please God, let me see my friend again with both eyes intact and no gapping holes in his body" (James 12). This is a quote of a soldiers who turns to God in a cry of desperation to live to see another day while also describing the brutal injuries that many soldier faced in war. In hard situations many turn to something that will help them survive. In the case of war many men and women chose religion. There is something about having the assurance that you are safe and that a higher being (God) is watching after you. In a poll taken in the US army 80 percent of soldiers polled that they believed in God and had a specific religious preference. More than 100 different dominations and faith groups were represented (Chambers II 602). This poll that was taken proves that many soldiers have religious beliefs and all believe in the same God. Even though there were so many different religions represented in that 80 percent they were all united by believing in the same God. It does not matter what your religion is called, but the true meaning is what and how you believe in it.

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