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            It's a proven scientific fact that men, by nature, have always been built physically stronger than women. This explains why men are more suited for competing in ruff sports such as football and hockey. If men and women had the same body types, then women would be playing football side by side with men, but that's not the case. When I do see women playing in ruff sports or being in the military with men, it's a rarity and not common at all. Men, in general, are capable of doing the hard more laborious tasks in which women can't. This pattern will always be unless scientists take the strong genes out of men and implant them into women which would be kind of "freaky. Not only that, but women have been known to be less concerned on their own physical strength, unlike men, and more concerned on other things. That is why women are brought up in a certain way differently then men. Physical body structures and naturally produced traits tell the whole story of why men and women behave differently, as well as, why they have their own issues.
             If someone asked "why are most construction workers men?" I would reply easily by saying, "it's because men are unsurprisingly stronger than women." Men are more able to lift up heavy things while women can't, otherwise there would be a lot more women construction workers then there are men. It's more masculine of a trait to be able to work under hard conditions using physical strength, and more feminine of a trait not to be able to. Women always have been known to take on jobs that require less usage of physical strength and this is proven by the small amount of women in construction work compared to men. .
             Not only do guys have their own interests singled out towards their gender, but girls do also. Since women are just more naturally weak in physical strength, they are more likely to be concerned with beauty rather then strength. They are more soft, delicate, and passive in behavior compared to men.

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