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            In Not wanted on the voyage, Timothy Findley rewrites a story that we believe we know and understand, the biblical myth of the deluge, and in doing so he unfolds the truth of the story. But to reveal the truth, Findley has to recognize that the Bible does not present a factual account of an actual flood, for the importance of the flood is not its historical accuracy but its meaning for humanity. And thus Not Wanted on the Voyage reminds us that, however charming the vision of the ark and its animals may appear in a de-historicized culture setting, it is not an innocent one. Findley on the other hand attempts to prove that the hierarchal structure makes a holocaust very possible. This statement may perplex some, however the questions, which arouse as I read this novel are, does the hierarchal structure create order? And do humans with authority have the right to obliterate sinners? But before I endeavor to answer these questions I ask of you to look at our society and question whether power or having the upper hand gives anyone the right to take away life. .
             In the Bible God did, He saw the wickedness of man and brought a "flood of water upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life" (Genesis CH 6). Similarly, in Findley's novel all that Yaweh saw was "pride and lechery; envy and anger; covetousness; gluttony and sloth are, everywhere, all that One sees; the whole deadly canon of wickedness, depravity and horror is all that one beholds! We are assailed on all sides by an onslaught of evil, vice and shame that defies description!" And so he too decided to drown life, put simply he wiped out every living species on earth. .
             Furthermore, on earth The Nazis favored to construct an ideal or rather structured society by annihilating those who were considered impure that is, Jews. Insinuations to the Nazi Holocaust and the holocaust of nuclear war are copious in Not Wanted on the Voyage.

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