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Living at home

             "Am I going to be able to pay the rent and bills on time?" "Did I have enough hours this week to pay my car payment?" These may be some of the problems an independent teen not living at home may have to deal with. As in my case, I moved out of my home in February 2003 and then moved back in with my parents in June 2003. Although reluctant to move home it has proven to be a blessing in disguise. Many teenage students complain about living at there parents home. They try to be independent and want to move out on there own and often fail. However there are several advantages as a teenager why you should stick to it and not try to move out. .
             One advantage of staying at home is the financial freedom I have now. While living with my parents, I have fewer bills and expenses that when I was living on my own. Many bills such as electric, gas, fuel oil are now paid by my parents. While I was living alone, I was struggling to make the checkbook work every month. I sometimes had more money going out then coming in. Some occasions I would receive notices in the mail for bounced checks. This caused me to have to take out of my childhood savings account that my grandmother had set up for me. Now living with my parents has taken much of the stress and responsibility away from me. .
             A second advantage of staying at home is that I have less stress in my life. Although most of my stress came from financial responsibilities, some came from the sometimes loud atmosphere. I lived in what I thought was a quiet neighborhood in Poughkeepsie. Little did I know was that there was a bar and dance club below me. This club was loud and often times stayed open late. At least once a week there was a fight in the street below that caused me to have to call the police. The club often caused situations where I would not get a full night of sleep. I would often have to leave for work at 6:00 in the morning so that I would have been able to arrive at my job in Middletown at 7:30 A.

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