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Comparison Essay

             There are interesting parallels to explore when comparing the two characters Dee in "Everyday Use- (88-95) and Connie in "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?- (693-705) "Everyday Use- is a light hearted and humorous story about a girl named Dee who wants to know her heritage, but does not want to be a part of her heritage. "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?- is a tragic story about a girl named Connie who is lost from reality and falls prey to the devil. ALTHOUGH THE THEMES AND OUTCOME OF THESE STORIES ARE EXTREMELY DIFFERENT, THE CHARACTERS DEE AND CONNIE HAVE SIMILAR CHARACTERISTICS AND ATTITUDES. Dee and Connie have issues with vanity, sibling rivalries, and their mothers' beliefs and values. Dee and Connie's plights are different, but they share the same type of personality.
             VANITY IS THE FIRST CHARACTERISTIC THAT DEE AND CONNIE SHARE. Clearly, both girls have two sides of their character to show, painting a clean and decisive picture of the girls' attitudes and values. In the story "Everyday Use,"" Dee's mama describes her as having nice hair and a fuller figure (89). Dee's main display of vanity is her problem with her childhood home and her better than you are attitude. "Dee wants nice things- (90) and despises the home she comes from because of the tattered condition of her family's house (90). When her family home catches on fire, Dee watches with the house with "concentration- until the last board on the house falls to the ground (90). "Why don't you dance around in the ashes,"" Mama wants to ask her because she knows Dee hates the house so much (90). Dee does not have many friends as a child. Her friends are "furtive boys- and "nervous girls- who are impressed by her beauty and quick wit (90). Vanity is a contributing factor to Dee wanting Mama's quilts. Dee wants material items to represent her heritage instead of living her heritage. Connie has equivalent egocentric qualities.

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