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Letter to the Editor

             Day in and day out, it seems some story of child abduction is projected through the media. I, myself, find it terribly heartbreaking to see such deliberate acts of harm unwillingly asserted against innocent souls. In fact, having a child of my own really turns this wrongful crime into a realization that I need to be on a constant guard. Often, as I go about my daily life, I see many parents too distracted to keep their full attention focused on their children, which causes me to begin to wonder about the lack of awareness that most people have. I believe that if additional awareness was presented through media and public outreach sources, rather than just conveying stories of complete torment, it is possible that people would become more aware of potential circumstances that could save the lives of children.
             For instance, it seems as if many of today's parents are easily distracted in public areas where chaos is evident. City parks, shopping malls, family dining establishments, schools, and many other usual places are often ideal grounds for the abductor to prey on children. In my own personal experience, I often see incidents where children are constantly left unattended for great durations of time. Clearly, I can see how this is an easy trap to fall into, but it is also important to remember most other tasks can wait. I think a lot of parents assume that their children will be safe just because other parents may be present. In fact, just the other day while I was at the mall, a parent I had known for approximately five minutes asked me if I would mind keeping an eye on her child, while she quickly ran to the restroom. The only danger in this is that you never really know who is an actual parent, or who could become your worst fear. Turning your back for just one second could potentially take the life of your child. We hear this all the time, but somehow many parents still take for granted that these situations will never happen to them.

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