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comare great gatsby with movie

             Tolkein is a three-book novel that has been hitherto created into two separate movies. The director Peter Jackson simplifies the long, delineating story by cutting out unnecessary parts and adjoining the significant ones together. Jackson does a supreme job in making the movie flow, but the placid, primitive atmosphere that can be felt in the novel is inexistent in the movie. .
             Like the Lord of the Rings, it is difficult to portray the exact story in a novel onto film, for there is time limit and a different audience to consider. Also, the director tends to take numerous liberties in changing the original story into his own. This is the same case for the movie The Great Gatsby. Instead of adhering to the author Fitzgerald's perspective, the director of this movie takes freedom in describing a "Great Gatsby- story of his own. .
             In the movie, Nick first meets Gatsby privately in Gatsby's house during Gatsby's party. He is lead by a bodyguard through the crowd of people into Gatsby's private room. While Nick is lead through the stairs and hallways, he has no idea where he is lead. The bodyguard does not open his mouth even when they are left alone in the elevator. The director of the movie uses his own ideas by making the short meeting between the bodyguard and Nick appear humorous and silly. However, in the novel, hardly any character identified as "the bodyguard- appears, and it is rare to find a comical scene. Also, the novel is usually maintained with an ambience of mature emotions and not much of others. Like the movie, Nick meets Gatsby at Gatsby's party in the book, but the first meet takes place in a public area while other people are watching. By letting Gatsby and Nick meet in public, Fitzgerald gives an opened first impression of Gatsby to the reader. But in the movie, by allowing Nick and Gatsby to meet in a segregated area, the movie director creates Gatsby's first impression as someone of a hidden identity.

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