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The Great Gatsby

             When a director chooses to create a film based on a novel, their own personal vision of the book is brought to life. A film maker has, at there disposal a variety of tools that a novelist cannot use.Some of the things a novelist cant use are camera angles, sound effects, musical score, make up, casting decisions, film location.I read the novel and watched the film and i think the film ran preety close to the book.The dialogues for the most part were exactly the same and the scenes in the movies seemed to fit those of the book very well. Many of the differences were very minor. There were a few differences that are worth noting however. Many of them are scenes left out of the movie that occurred in the book. A few times something is switched around. I had a list of differences from the film but I selected a few of the main ones. A difference that seems unimportant but it really is quite important is that in the movie there is no man. In the book Nick runs into the owl man in Gatsby's library going through his books amazed that they are real books, all of the highest quality. Although that seems very unimportant that scene in the book shows how hard Gatsby tries to have the appearance of being a rich, successful person in society.
             In the film The Great Gastby the director used many tools in order to make the movie the same as the novel. Camera angles are used to give a certain perspective or a point of view about a character or a scene.For example when they show the eyes of T.J Eckleburg in the film they show it at a angle where the billboard is watching over everything that is going on.The colors which were used in the film where good for the time period that the film was made,but if you compare it to films that have come out recently the colors wouldnt be so great because of the fact that technology had evolutionized.The sound effects that were used in the film were very realistic such as the gun shots that were used when Jay Gastby was shot and killed.

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