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education system

             The education system does not need an overhaul.
             We are debating that the education system needs.
             Since when? The education system within this.
             context implies the school system which encompasses.
             kindergarten to year twelve, which can lead us to several.
             pathways. That it needs an overhaul. Needs implies that an.
             overhaul is absolutely necessary and a priority for the.
             education system at this very moment, to continue.
             functioning adequately. To suggest it needs an overhaul.
             means that it does not work, and may I assure you, this is.
             certainly different to fine tuning and refining.
             We are debating the issue of success. How successful is the.
             education system in providing people with the tools that are.
             necessary to achieve what they desire. The education system.
             needs a tune up, not a rebuild.
             I will assert that the education system does not need a rebuild.
             by explaining the k-12 syllabus. My second speaker will.
             further argue matters relating to tools and money. The.
             education system may require a tune up, certainly not a.
             I have been part of the school community for twelve years.
             now, and throughout my schooling experience, I have been.
             fortunate to experience adjustments to the education system.
             throughout this time, whilst also observing the changes my.
             younger siblings have encountered. The education system is.
             constantly refining so that it advantages the broad range of.
             students who do attend. The education system is successful.
             within this, as it is constantly accommodating for all different.
             students, through these refinements.
             The education system, is much like a car. Lets say the.
             education system is a Monaro for example, or whatever.
             vehicle you choose. This Monaro ladies and gentlemen, has.
             an oil leak. Does this car need an overhaul. No it does not. It.
             is not necessary to pull the car to pieces and build it back.
             together again, in order to fix the problem. Rather, we would.
             drive our Monaro down to Joe's mechanics just around the.

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