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2 analyze articles

            The two chosen articles are "Growing up White in America" by Bonnie Kae Grover and "Growing up Asian in America" by Kesaya E. Noda deal with growing up culturally different in America. Our sense of identity, our values, our beliefs, our learning styles, our dialects, our modes of social interaction, our ways of being in the world -- these are important components of our culture. They are shaped by many influences from within our family and community and by many from outside them.
             Bonnie Kae Grover, the author of "Growing up White in America," states that she is not ashamed of being white. She is ashamed of what is means to be white when that whiteness is used to hurt or belittle nonwhites. Growing up white in America is not so different from any other culture in America. Those that tend to make a point of being white run the risk of not being accepted by their own or other nonwhites. .
             Grover claims that white is transparent. It should never have to be the first thought on one's mind. She believes there is a large amount of the white population who are caught up in the idea that the white culture should be preserved. She continues to make an strong argument about weather or not a white culture exist, but more likely whites taking over a land that was not their own. Much of white culture is built on stamping out culture that isn't white or white enough. White culture is non-existent in the eyes of Grover. It is the idea of American culture that she believes in is the right way to express whiteness. It is up to the individual to be responsible about their whiteness. All other cultures and races have to handle themselves with an ethic awareness that whites are not used to. However, whites should take responsibility for their so-called culture just like everyone else. .
             Being White in America is normal in comparison to the other cultures. They set the standard in normalcy. Discussions among whites about being white are pointless if they are not compared to being non-white.

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