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Has Your Senior Year Met Your Expectations

             I strongly believe that now that I am in college it gives me the advantage to met my expectation by trying to achieve and succeed to move towards my college education.Through out my high school years, I have seen that as the years progress the competition between students becomes very challenging. Most students think that in their senior year they can just slack off and party, while for some of us, it is the most difficult year that we will ever face. .
             At the end of this semester, our future will depend on what we decide to do. There is more to just graduating, I have spent nights filling out scholarships, writing essays, doing online applications, and attending concurrent enrollment courses. Everything my friends told me about having fun their senior year is not true, the classes became harder, the professors stricter, it was something I was not used to. I believe that it is just the beginning of a new chapter of my life in which I will continue to strive forth to my academic efforts. Even tough I have seen my older brothers and sister struggle through their classes it has motivated me to take another route out of high school by demonstrating to them that I am capable of going beyond the limits. This senior year I have been able to attend school and have a job in a day care to help me gain experience to help me decide if I would like to become a teacher. This job also helps me to pay for my exams and my concurrent enrollment classes. School is a wonderful place for kids to learn, play, have fun, and stay out of trouble. What about after school, though? How can kids stay out of trouble and have fun? That is why an after school activity program should be put into action. An after school program could allow kids of all ages to make new friends, stay away from drugs, and get them away from the television and experience new things. .
             Many people think that school sports provide enough after school activities.

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