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India Culture

             What you should know before negotiating.
             In India, "outside" information and new concepts will be accepted only if they do not contradict prevailing religious beliefs and social structures. .
             Indians tend to think associatively, largely because the country's educational system places a heavy emphasis on rote learning. Indian business people with a higher education, however, are often more abstract, analytical thinkers. .
             In Indian business culture, perceptions of the truth tend to be guided by feelings; a strong faith in religious ideologies is also common. .
             An argument appealing to both feelings and faith will often be more convincing to an Indian than one using only objective facts and empirical evidence. .
             The caste system remains one of the most important influences in Indian society.
             Although technically there is equality under the law, inequality between the castes is an accepted reality of Indian life. .
             Because of the strong, coherent, social structure there is little anxiety about life because one knows and accepts one's place in society and the workplace. .
             Each employee plays a role in the organization; often the role is as important as the actual work the person may perform.
             The hierarchical nature of Indian society demands that the boss is recognized as the highest individual in authority. .
             In some offices, employees may even rise each time the boss enters the room to acknowledge respect.
             Employees do as they're told; even if they know the boss is wrong, they won't argue.
             The boss makes all of the decisions and accepts all of the responsibility. Consequently, you'll often find that subordinates are reluctant to accept responsibility. .
             Because so many pressures are placed on the boss, qualified Indian employees often do not seek such positions of leadership.
             Success and failure are frequently attributed to environmental factors. .
             Whenever you are convinced that your are right, insist that whoever objects accepts in writing the full responsibility for the consequences of not following your instructions.

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