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            With his collection of essays that were first published in .
             1903, Du Bois shows us his view, and that of other African .
             Americans, on the black experience after emancipation and .
             during reconstruction in the South. The Souls of Black Folk .
             is made up of a collection of fourteen essays, all which .
             tell a different story ranging from racial inequality to .
             stories of black sharecroppers. He addresses what he calls .
             "the problem with the color-line" and also the problems that .
             faced blacks who tried to incorporate themselves into a .
             society dominated by whites. He explains the position that .
             Booker T. Washington had on reconstruction and the role of .
             African Americans in the society, and then he proceeds to .
             attack Washington's position. Through these brief .
             historical accounts and his own personal experiences, Du .
             Bois establishes his own position on what the African .
             Americans need to do to get the equality that is stated in .
             the Constitution of the United States. This collection of .
             essays became the backbone of a generation of thought for .
             African Americans in the 20th century.
             The "problem with the color-line" is one of the many things .
             that Du Bois brings to our attention in these essays. The .
             "color-line" is the division between the blacks and the .
             whites in society. The problem that arises from the .
             color-line is the obvious segregation of the two races which .
             results in a what Du Bois refers to as a "veil" that changes .
             the way that blacks look on the society around them. In Du .
             Bois's discussion of this veil, it seems as if the veil only .
             effects the blacks and has no adverse effects on the whites .
             in society. The effect of this veil on the blacks is that .
             they see the world through the eyes of the white society. .
             This then affects the way that they approach their roles in .
             the society in which they live.
             This veil also leads to cause another problem, one of which .
             is one that is discussed through a story of John Jones in .

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