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How tourism destroys the envir

             Usually you would want to go somewhere out of your country for a bit of "peace and quiet" but what of the consequences for nature? Of course it would be nice to go to a lodge or something, but how many trees are dislodged for that little hut? Even if you feel you are "roughing it" you are using natures resources. How would you feel if someone came to your house once a week, especially if they came and invaded your personal privacy and space? If you want to enjoy yourself and be in harmony with nature you need to fine tune the contents of your bags and not use anything harmful to the environment surrounding you. People on business trips also enjoy seeing places, but generally it is a messy business, you have to worry about felling trees for your hotels and such things. .
             Why does this concern us? We have to look after the world, like and unlike our ancestors, I contradict myself because in the past our ancestors lived for a time in perfect harmony with nature, prospering if it does and failing if it did so too. This was done until money was invented, then the need and greed for power settled in, thus leading to bigger estates and smaller wildlife areas. Poaching began too, this is the turning point for man, they hunted for pleasure and hunted to near extinction, causing serious problems in endangered species. Water resources are slowly but surely running out and sooner or later the planet will be poisoned with all the excess fumes and gases. .
             Habitat destruction and species extinction: It is difficult to estimate the rate at which humans are driving species extinct because scientists believe that only a small percentage of the earth's species have been described. What is clear is that species are dying out at an unprecedented rate; minimum estimates are at least 4000 species per year, although some scientists believe the number may be as high as 50,000 per year. The leading cause of extinction is habitat destruction, particularly of the world's richest ecosystems-tropical rain forests and coral reefs.

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