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InDuced Abortion

            Induced Abortion seems to be the " easy way out " for many females , but is it really as harmless as many believe it .
             to be Abortion is a very serious issue in the United Staes and many people are unaware of the real circumstances involved .
             in it . Each year in the United States there are more than a million couples listed with adoption agencies , all hoping for a .
             baby to adopt. Yet, there are so many abortions in the world. Instead of killing the baby, why not just give it up for .
             adoption where they can receive the care and love that they deserve? Abortions are morally, ethically and .
             spiritually wrong and therefore should be illegal .
             Having an abortion is unjustly ending a human life . .However , many myths and misconceptions surround .
             abortion. One huge misconception is that the woman has a choice over her body, therefore it is her decision to choose to .
             keep the unborn child or not. This is untrue if one looks at the situation logically. The child has half his mother's .
             chromosomes, and half its father's chromosomes, so the child is independent from his mother, it has different DNA, .
             which defines it as another form of life. Therefore , having an abortion are a form of crime . .
             It is unfair to kill an innocent and unborn baby for the mistakes of it's parents . Having abortions legal causes .
             many people , especially teenagers to be irresponsible , because they take for granted that there's a way out . Every .
             human being deserves the right to live and should not be taken for granted .Don't abortion and murder go hand in hand? .
             Every human being, whether born or unborn is God's creation."Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.".

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