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Types Of Abortion

             Abortion is a choice that every pregnant woman has the right to make. There are many different forms of abortion. Two of the forms of abortion include Manual Vacuum Aspiration abortions and Medically induced abortions. Both forms are becoming more and more popular because they are easier than the traditional surgical abortions. These two forms are gentler on a woman because they do not involve large instruments, heavy anesthetics, or hospitals.
             Manual Vacuum Aspiration or Mini-Vac abortions were developed in the 1960's. This form of abortion is used for women who are three to six weeks along in their pregnancies. Mini-Vac abortions are widely available in North America. The technique can even be used in third world countries because it does not require any electricity. A hand-held fifty CC syringe is used in the procedure. The syringe has the same powerful suction as a regular vacuum, but it is more concentrated. Since the syringe is so small, the cervix does not have to be dilated as much. This creates less discomfort for the woman. Gynecologists in their office can do the whole procedure without using a heavy anesthetic. In the procedure, the gynecologist takes the syringe and sucks out the embryo, which is no bigger than a lentil bean. The whole abortion takes only about two minutes and it is practically painless. This form of abortion is becoming more popular because of improvements in early pregnan!.
             cy dection. Pregnancy can be dected as early as eight days after conception. Women who think they are pregnant are taking the test and then asking for Mini-Vac abortions.
             Another form of abortion is a medically induced abortion. A combination of Methotrexate and Misoprostol is given to the woman. This combination of drugs terminates the pregnancy if given to women who are less than seven weeks along. Methotrexate has been available for almost fifty years and is used to treat tumors, ulcers, arthritis, and psoriasis.

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