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Social scenes in gatsby

            Certain scenes in novels and plays are capable of depicting the society in which it takes places and the values concerned. Through the interaction of the characters and the narration describing the circumstances, the reader gets an insiders view of the lifestyles. Though the entirety of the story should adequately portray this, a social event containing a liveliness of unknown people and their happenings gives a truer account of the plot, the society, and the main characters" motives. .
             One such example of this is The Great Gatsby in which Jay Gatsby tries desperately to hold such parties to draw to him the so called love of his life. The occasions are shallow and superficial in their intent, similarly to their host. Held in the recently wealthy area of West Egg, Gatsby fell into the common hole of being too proud and flashy of his money. Rather than remain conservative, he gave into his wealth and perceived that as his way of impressing the lovely Daisy. In an act of trying to unite his world with another's he actually deepened the rift.
             Comparable to today's world, money bought a reputation back then. If used properly, money could purchase one fame and friends. Held every Saturday night, Gatsby would throw huge parties and yet not enjoy them himself. Remaining in the background, he would rather simply to observe the gathering rather than partake in it. It was only when the object of his attention entered did he emerge to be seen. Used as merely bait to draw Daisy to him, Gatsby threw the galas for his own benefit instead of for the enjoyment of all. .
             Used primarily as a novel to show the downfall of one too caught up in his or her own needs and the demands of society, The Great Gatsby gave an outstanding account of this. The social events supported by Gatsby were used solely to elevate himself in the social ranking to become more accessible to Daisy. The novel as a whole told the story of a desperate man who put on airs to impress those surrounding him.

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