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The Great Gatsby

             Nick Carraway moved to West Egg in the summer on 1922. It is there where he met Jay Gatsby, and there where the story unfolds. West Egg is a wealthy but unfashionable area in Long Island, a place where the newly rich live, and show off their wealth. I think the setting very much affects the personalities of the main characters. Their lifestyle is based around parties and gossip; they are trying to get into the right social circles. They drink excessively and gossip, some people do a lot to be accepted, and this is the type of place where one would do those things. It appears to me that they way of life in West Egg, is to base a lot on your life socially, to know the right people, and to be at the right social events.
             The main event this story centers around is Jay Gatsby, and his desire to reunite himself with his love, Daisy Buchanan. Gradually we learn what Mr. Gatsby had to go through to get where he is today, and he did it all to impress Daisy. But Daisy's marriage, and Gatsby's mysterious past get in their way. Gatsby tries tremendously to empress Daisy; he throws an opulent party, and invites both Daisy and her husband. But it turns out to be a terrible night, with both parties feeling uncomfortable. The climax of this story, and the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy, to me would have to be the confrontation between Gatsby and Tom Buchanan in the Plaza hotel. From here on it went downhill, Tom asks Gatsby about all his bad business dealings, and tells Daisy how she can not leave her family, or ever really say that she never loved him, in all honesty. Daisy ends up rejecting Gatsby, and says that she loves Tom as well, and has an obligation to her family. Tom is pleased with him self, and easily sends Daisy and Gatsby in the car together, as he knows that Gatsby has lost. Things do not get any better, Daisy decides to drive home to cool herself off, but hits Myrtle Wilson Tom's mistress on the way, killing her instantly.

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