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The Great Gatsby

             Scott Fitzgerald is a tragic love story of lost love. Gatsby, the main character, based his love for Daisy on a.
             young girl he met before going off to war. In their time apart, Gatsby.
             strived to build the American dream while Daisy enjoyed the riches by those.
             who adored her. The character Daisy is described by Fitzgerald throughout.
             the novel as flighty and shallow. It is their difference in character and.
             devotion that sets them apart. Gatsby eventually realized Daisy could not.
             measure up to what he had envisioned as his perfect love.
             As a young officer, Gatsby was impressed by what Daisy represented, old.
             money and a life full of luxuries. He fell deeply in love with the young.
             Daisy, and vowed to come back to her a wealthy man. While Gatsby went off.
             to the war Daisy continued in her artificial life. In Gatsby's case,.
             distance made his heart grow fonder. It was evident that Gatsby followed.
             Daisy's activities when he showed her the clippings on their first meeting. .
             "Look at this," said Gatsby quickly. "Here is a lot of clippings -about.
             you."(90) He knew what he needed to do to get Daisy back, even if it meant.
             making his money by illegal means. Daisy grew tired of pining for her.
             officer and soon her love was bought by a new suitor, Tom Buchanan, with a.
             $30,000 pearl necklace. Money was what Daisy desired.
             James Gatz, was a poor farm boy who saw his life as living in poverty. He.
             knew he wanted more and worked hard to improve his life. Daisy grew tired of.
             waiting for him in their early relationship because other rich officers.
             pursued her. When they met again she was impressed with his wealth. His.
             dream for a better life gave him a sense of purpose. Daisy's purpose in life.
             were material comforts and luxuries. Daisy's empty existence and the people.
             she surrounded herself with was in contrast with Gatsby's dreams, which gave.
             meaning to his own identity. Nick shows this when he says to Gatsby,.
             "They're a rotten crowd," I shouted across the lawn.

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