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Controvercy of Friends the Sho

             Life can be described as ice cream, there are so many flavors.
             like rocky road, chocolate, and bing cherry vanilla.
             Some flavors you may like and some you may not.
             but what can you lose, go out and grab a spoon.
             These are the wise words from the airhead Joey on Friends. Friends is a TV show about six people and the conflicts that go on throughout their lives. Each episode focuses on each conflict and how they solve the conflicts that they get into. A conflict is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "The opposition or simultaneous functioning of mutually exclusive impulses, desires or tendencies-. The TV show exhibits many impulses, tendencies, and (of course) desires. Throughout the series conflict has played the main role season by season. The ways the characters interacted with one another and the other people in their daily lives make them seem more believable and real.
             What makes Friends unique is that each main character has his/her conflicts that affect them temporarily or throughout the series. Ross for example, is the pessimist of the group ever since he found out that his ex-wife is a lesbian. He is in depression and in that "poor me- state until Rachael walks back into his life and that's when he finally reaches out and grabs a spoon. The two start to date and then break up because of Ross' poor judgment when he brings a girl he hasn't seen in years back from China. He shows no remorse towards Rachael then or any other time he has hurt her emotionally. Chandler is Ross' close friend from college. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a cut down or some sarcastic little phrase. He is the conflict master in disguise. When he was little his father had relations with the houseboy and his parents got divorced on Thanksgiving. He made love with Monica, Ross' sister, when Ross didn't notice. Most people thought that he was gay ever since elementary school. He then marries Monica and lives happily ever after.

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