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short intro to a separate peac

             Given the chance for a revolution do you think animals would be any different from humans? Do you believe there are animals that would want to rule over other animals? George Orwell answers this question in the book Animal Farm. Animal Farm is about a time when a group of farm animals decided they've had enough, and took matters into their own hands. The book also shows how a change in political power doesn't necessarily mean conditions for the people will get better. Though it is one of countless possibilities, the book brings to light the atrocities of mankind as depicted in animals.
             The revolution is the turning point of the book lets the animals become independent from their currant political power; and even though things seem like they are improving with the preceding political power gone, another one soon takes over. This new political power is the pigs. The reign of the pigs first began when the cows needed to be milked. The milk was reserved for the pigs and was not shared with the other animals. The pigs took lead in everything except hard labor because they were deemed the smartest and others followed blindly. Now only the lives of the pigs have improved while others simply stay the same. While promises like "The three-day week"(Orwell,55),and the "full manger"(Orwell.55) still remain unfulfilled.
             When pigs became the political power; conditions did not improve for animal farm. It also didn't improve when.
             Napoleon took lead of Animal Farm and became something of a supreme ruler. Similar results came from the French revolution, as well as the Russian revolution. When the French rebelled against Marie Antoinette And King Louis, A new government took over the old administration and did not provide the stability that the people needed so therefore conditions remained the same. Another example of how a change in political power doesn't result in a change of conditions for the people is the Russian revolution.

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