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            John Williams - Vivaldi Guitar Concerto in D Major.
             • I like the piece because I find it somewhat relaxing to listen to. I prefer this piece because, being a classical guitarist, I can appreciate the level of skill and difficulty it takes to play the piece and therefore I find a deeper admiration while listening to the piece. I also like the piece because my cousin and I often play the piece in a duet. (Me on guitar, my cousin on the piano or synthesized harpsichord).
             • I give the piece a profundity value of 8 out of 10, as I believe that all renowned classical music deserves a high profundity rating. This is due to the tremendous amount of effort and brilliance that is involved in the composition of such pieces. This piece in particular illustrates 3 different emotions/environments. The first being quite fast and blissful. The second is somewhat lethargic, as if it were taking a break from the fast notes of the first movement. The third movement then hastens, and becomes even more vigorous than the first. I find the piece profound, as it succeeds in illustrating 3 different atmospheric moods without using lyrics, and this demonstrates to me the excellence of the composer.
             • In my opinion, the function of this piece is mainly for background music in expensive restaurants or formal parties. It's especially good as background conversational music as it is relaxing and sets a calm atmosphere.
             • The piece is composed by Antonio Vivaldi, one of the renowned composers of the Baroque period. Other distinguished composers of the period were: .
             - George Frederic Handle.
             - Johann Sebastian Bach.
             • The Baroque period was the period before the Classical period. It started in the early 1600's and concluded at around 1750. One of the more prominent characteristics of the concertos in the Baroque period, including the Vivaldi Concerto that I just played, is that they very much emphasize in harmony.

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