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             The values and morals of people are what make them unique individuals. Without values a person is like a blank canvas of an artist, bland and monotonous. But as the artist adds colors to the canvas, the picture comes to life and begins to appeal to one's eyes. This is much like conversing and exchanging ideas and perspectives with an interesting person with many different values. Like any other person, as I have grown older I have obtained certain values along my journey of life. Some of the colors, as I like to call them, are much more precious and dear to me than others.
             The most vibrant color on my canvas would have to be my religious faith. This faith is something that I have held since I was a small child. The fact that my whole family is strong in my church and their beliefs makes a huge impact on why this is so vital to me. This precious faith has been handed down from generation to generation, and has become a legacy that we all hold dear to our hearts. My faith has allowed me to set good Christian values in front of my friends and live a life that I hope would be pleasing to God and to my parents. Although this is a lifestyle that sometimes may be seen in the minority, my faith has made me stronger and caused me to realize how important church is to me and what a vital role it plays in my life.
             Another vibrant color that compliments the first one is the ability that I have to state and stand for my beliefs. As a matter of fact, I have voiced my opinion in class discussions dealing with issues from abortion to divorce. I feel that abortion is just another form of murder and can't see why it was legalized. As for divorce, my religion teaches that it is wrong. I think my ability to voice my opinion is a wonderful value that has allowed me to know when to talk about certain issues and when not to press an issue about which I have strong feelings.
             The ability to make people happy is the color that I feel puts the finishing touches on the painting.

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