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             We have gathered here to day to mourn the lose of a good man, as all of us know John Proctor's life was taken not so long ago. Sacrificing his life for a greater cause, John was trying to restabilising peace in Salem. Although he is no longer with us, he will always be remembered in this town, as a hero, and a role model for all. The "Proctor" family name always will be held highly with much authority in my heart. .
             Although I may not have known John for as long as the rest of you, there are a couple of things I noticed from the short time I was here. He loved Elizabeth and his family with all his heart. Up until there last few days together there love grew stronger then ever, he provided all he could making the best life for their children and setting such a good role model, he became not only there father, but idol. Throughout the town his name was respected, never was his name talked about lightly, and not once did he follow the crowd. John was no sheep; he stood up for and expressed his own opinions, never following something that he did not believe in, and this my friends, is what I believe made him such an outstanding man. .
             From a man with no education, John was a very knowledgeable man, he defiantly taught me a thing or two about life. No amount of studying could have positioned me on the same level as him. This made him a great companion and close friend; never were there a dull moment around John. There was always something needed to be done or said, a day never went by where I did not learn from this man, we all have a lot to learn from John, it is unfortunate that he no longer can teach.
             He was a man sent to earth by our Lord to be loved. A leader, yet a noble man, there was no evil side, or a greedy part in John, he knew his role and never took advantage of that. He once said this to me, and in turn, it is fitting that I, Salem would be a better place if there were more people like John Proctor.

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