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The Dark Side of Exercise

            Within pervious years, the growth of exercise has also triggered health as well as financial problems. Recent studies have shown that people with extensive exercise habits have a greater risk of pulling muscles, breaking bones, and developing arthritis than people who spend their time not doing exercise. Death is also a factor in exercise also. Heart attacks, heat strokes, and other forms of sudden death contribute greatly to the reason why people die from exercise. Last year, more people died of exercise related causes than being struck by lightening! Another problem of these new exercise habits is the amount of money people are willing to spend on it. Instead of giving their money to charities to help starving children in third world counties, these exercise lovers spend millions of dollars a year on treadmills, Tai-bo workout tapes, and Balley Total Fitness memberships. People who spend most of their time on the couch should not be criticized because of their weight, instead they should be looked up on for not wanting to endanger their physical or financial state. These people who do not exercise extensively, have developed a safe way to exercise without having the risk of injury. Walking to the refrigerator, clicking the remote, and watching Jerry Springer's Spring Break Uncensored are all excellent ways to assure that one's physical health is not at risk while getting a safe amount of exercise. These "anti-exercisers" also do not spend millions of dollars to get this kind of exercise. With this information that has been extensively researched, I propose to set up a system of laws to protect people from exercise. One law would be that it would be mandatary to watch tv or play board games for a minimum of 5 hours. People who break this law will have to be strapped down into a bed for a 24 hour time period and be forced to watch every season of the old television game show, Family Feud.

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