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Old man and the sea

             One of the themes of this novel is that life is unfair. No matter how hard you try, you fail. Tell about a time when you or someone you know tried very hard to do something and the effect was disaster. Relate the events in your story to the experiences of the old man.
             The old man and the sea tell the simple story of Santiago a fisherman wanting a large catch. An elderly man who's know nothing in life other than fishing. Most of Santiago's life dealt with pain and suffering throughout his adventure at sea and on land. .
             During reading this book we can relate some themes to our lives. One of the themes is that life is unfair and no matter how hard you try, you fail. But you keep going.
             The numerous hardships and battles Santiago encounters on the sea are remembering me one of my friend Dominik who was a racing driver. It was only the one thing that he loves to do in his life like Santiago loves fishing. Dominki was working very hard for two years to buy his racing car. Finally when he bought it he was able to start in competition, but before he has to prepare the car. It cost him a lot of work and money. When the car was prepared he has to test it. We were testing this car on the special gravel roads outside the city. During this testing he has an accident, but because of us we were able to put down the fire before it made seriously damage. After one week he went to test his car and again he was in accident. He fail again. But at this time the accident made a seriously damage on the car so Dominik wasn't able to afford the cost of repair. .
             As you can see, the Dominiks situation was a little bit similar with Santiagos. The both were unlucky and pitted against forces they cannot control. The numerous hardships and battles Santiago encounters on the sea were similar with Dominiks struggle to get a car. Finally when they get what they wanted the have to faced another problems. Santiago has to fight with sharks for his fish and Dominik has to repair his car.

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