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art in different perspectives

            A lot of people would think that going on a trip to a museum would be pretty boring. Because what is the first expression that you hear from a student when you tell them that they will be attending a museum. They will tell you not a museum. It will be the longest day of my life. I say this because, that is the same thing that I thought when I found out that we were going to go to a museum. Boy was I wrong.
             Once we arrived at the museum we were taken on a tour with a docent. She explained to us the different paintings and pictures. She also asked us questions about why we thought that the painter had painted the picture. She gave us all of the history behind the painting, on what kind of material it was painted on, and the kind of painting that it was. The docent explained to us what the different shades of color really meant and the actual message that the painter was trying to get through us. The colors of a painting are what make the atmosphere in the painting. Before going on this field trip I had always just seen paintings as paintings, but now after learning what I learned on the trip I actually pay attention to the different texture, color, and shapes, but mainly what the meaning of the picture is. One of the paintings that really caught my eye was a huge portrait of a mother and a son. The colors made the painting look so real. It was as if you were seeing the mother and the son right in front of you. The background of the portrait was a dark color, and the mother was wearing a long black dress and the detail on her dress were made by huge brush strokes that you would only be able to see if you get up close. The little boy was wearing a white shirt and black pants and the creases on his pants were also made by huge brush strokes by using the brushstrokes on the clothes of the mother and the son made the portrait look more realistic. The portraits look so real especially the mother's green eyes.

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