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Computers: Source Of knowledge

            From the beginning of time humans have wanted knowledge, knowledge of events and situations occurring around the world. This thirst for knowledge has brought forth many inventions to inform us of our surroundings, from the newspaper, to the radio, television, and our current information "deity" the internet. As technology continually advances so do the ways we gather our needed information, the computer and internet is one of the most effective and excellent sources for all the information we need. The internet is not only an easily accessible information sanctum but also an extremely accurate and up to date source for all information world wide. .
             The invention of high speed cable internet opened up the doors for easily accessible information. Open the computer, log onto the internet, open your browser and you are in the information highway within minutes. You are no longer bound to one source for information every legitimate newspaper now has an internet site that you can access in minutes. The ease and simplicity is phenomenal, regardless of how you see yourself with technology and the computer you can read any news from anywhere within minutes. This ease and simplicity greatly contributes to the reason why the internet is the best source for all information. The hassle is low, there is no wait and the information you specifically want is gained within minutes.
             An event may happen and with a newspaper you may have to wait a day or longer to find out what happened, with the internet the information is online within minutes. No longer is one bound to the old ways of information, no wait is needed on the internet. Many internet sites that focus on news update, daily, hourly and even every half hour to give the user what they need, up to the date accurate RECENT information. This constantly updated information is not found in many of the other news sources, another reason why the internet is at the top of the list.

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