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Computers and Teaching

            During the last few years, the growth of computers related to teaching, has increased enormously, and is affecting the way teachers teach. The aid of computers has opened a broader world of different ways of teaching and learning. The thought of teaching in a class room without a computer is almost not heard of today. The use of computers has had a huge impact on teacher and student relations. The use of the internet has become one of the greatest ways to learning. I have had the privilege to use computers almost all the way through school. Computers have become almost an every day use in some many different ways. .
             With the growth of computers teachers have a great advantage of technology to greatly increase his or her tradition as a role as a mentor, source of knowledge, and authority. Computers also gives teachers the tools necessary for learning, future work and all kinds of software to aid them. I spoke with a couple of my high school teachers about the aid and use of computers. My English teacher told me about how she used her computer all the time, to store students grades and create assignments using programs such as Microsoft Word etc. I also talked to my computer teacher about the availability and use of computers. One point he mentioned was Power Point presentations and how affective they can be. Both teachers agreed that the internet has become a popular way to study or find information. They believe it would be less than helpful, if not actually harmful, to simply suggest a few search engines or general sites and tell students to research a topic and then write a paper. Those who have conducted web searches know that finding quality sites is a long, difficult process of weeding out sources, not unlike conducting library searches. .
             Class rooms (no matter which level of education) have realized the potential for using computers. It would be difficult to find a school without a computer lab today.

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