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            To assign a definitive spatial dimension to an object is not a simple task. That seems counterintuitive given that there are mathematical maxims that delineate what trigonometric characteristics make up a certain dimension. The idea that mathematics is a clear cut science was clearly refuted in our class discussion where there was disagreement on the dimensions of all the objects. Successful determination is reliant upon the creativity and strength of personal argument. With that said, the purpose of this assignment is to defend my reasoning for believing why a part of my assignment sheet is three dimensional.
             Regardless of the process in which we were asked to alter our assignment sheet, the integrity of the object, in terms of its dimensional properties, was never compromised. Whether the sheet is rolled, ripped apart, drawn on, or folded, the sheet is still three-dimension composed of height, width, and length, and has the ability to displace water. In mathematical terms as we had discussed in class, there are three coordinates needed to specify a point on the object. For sake of simplicity, one would contend that only two coordinates are needed for point location because relative to length and width, the height of the piece of paper is so infinitesimally small that it becomes negligible. Bill Price indicating in his study of dimensions by rhetorically asking, "How can anything be so thin as to have no thickness whatsoever?" Whether one is cognizant or not of the three dimensions of paper, depending on the pressure in which the pen is applied onto the paper, there was depth involved, indentations were created; the sheet cannot be discounted as being infinitely flat. .
             Calculating the dimensions of an object takes creativity and other dimensional assessments of the same object can be equally, if not more, convincing. The visual complexities and ambiguities of spatial delineation can be further complicated if a fourth dimension, time, is suggested.

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