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             During this era in our history, we have a killer on the verge of destroying a continent. This killer has no heart, no pulse, and no conscience at all and kills without discrimination. This killer owns no bombs or weapons of mass destruction, it just kills. It is as small as a microbe and has brought Africa to its knee; the name of the enemy is AIDS. What has to be done to stop this demon from running rapid over this continent? Most experts, when asked this question, answer it with the word "AID" and I think we all need to agree that we, as a nation and a world, have to step up and help our neighbor out of this predicament. It would be nice if the answer was that easy, but it is not. There are so many variables when it comes to aid that need to be discussed. How bad is the problem? What is being done? What is the cost? Is the aid that is being sent get used correctly? And, are there any abusing the system?.
             Here are some disturbing numbers, Sixteen African countries south of the Sahara have more than one -tenth of the adult population (aged 15-49) infected with HIV. In seven countries, all in the southern cone of the continent, at least one adult in five is living with the virus. .
             • In Botswana, a shocking 38.8 % of adults are now infected with HIV.
             • In South Africa, 20.1% of adults are infected with HIV. With a total of 5 million infected people, South Africa has the largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world. .
             • 34.3 million people in the world are infected with the AIDS virus and 24.5 of them are in Africa, this is a staggering 71%.
             • An estimated 650,000 children have lost a parent to AIDS in Zambia.
             These are only a few examples of how this land is being ravaged, we all know how AIDS is transmitted and we also know that we can stop this from getting any further out of hand. With simple preventive measures, we can make AIDS a non-factor anywhere.

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