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Should Voluntary Euthanasia Be Legalized?

            There are a lot of problems arising about the issue of euthanasia legalized. Some one argue that euthanasia can release pain of patients and it is a mercy way for those who are near death. At the same time, some one insist legalizing euthanasia would cause a series of problems, both on fresh and in spirit. Till nowadays, there is not a coincident answer. I do not consent euthanasia. Below is my opinions.
             Initially, if legalizing euthanasia, it means violating the laws of nature. .
             Life is holy. Everyone should respect and treasure it. We are lucky because we are alive. We can talk and work self-consciously. We are different from the others. Exist is an inherent right which no one can deprive of, even himself. In this world, every being, no matter as small as an ant, or as big as an elephant, also has its own value of subsistence and any interference in it is a mistake. .
             Nature is inviolable. Life belongs to nature. Nature knows when to call it back and how to call it back. As a human, we have no right to decide that. What we should do is to try our best to maintain it. Legalizing euthanasia means legalizing the rights to violate nature. It is very easy to see what will be following after destroying the nature. .
             Christianism, and many other religions, believes that it is God who gives life to man and human should use it to help the others according to His will. Giving up life is forbidden and it is a crime. It not only means giving up himself, but also betraying God. No one will forgive him and he will lost the help of the God.
             Furthermore, the unprecedented improvements in medical care make euthanasia become unnecessary. .
             In the pass, due to the rather low level of medicine, many patients died in different diseases. ( u can show some statistics about how many people died from former incurable disease. ) Therefore, euthanasia become a topic which draws a great concern. The assertor hope that euthanasia can end the agony of the pathetic suffering man.

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