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Relationship to media

             There is a television program that has limited evidence of covert antifeminism.
             which portrays minority women as professional intellectuals who dominate the roles. The women in this.
             sitcom are not presented in the typical stereotype roles like welfare mothers or in any other negative.
             On a Monday night at 9p.m., a single mother and her daughter along with other television viewers.
             across the nation sit down together and watch a sitcom, which portrays female friendships. This sitcom.
             is called "Girlfriends".
             When the show starts it has a background song, which sends a message of girlfriend unity though thick.
             and thin. It shows four women walking towards the audience dressed in semi-sexy colorful outfits. The.
             background music is elegant with and upbeat temple.
             There are five main characters; their names are: Joan, Toni, Mia, Lynn and one male actor who plays.
             the role as William, who does not walk with the women in the introduction of the sitcom. .
             Does this sitcom relate to the views of "Susan Douglas" author of "Sign of intelligent life on TV"? Susan.
             Douglas still finds the telltale sign of cultural bias against women in TV programs such as ER and.
             NYPD-especially being bias against strong professional women. (Signs of Life, In The USA, 2002;.
             Susan Douglas; Signs of Intelligent Life on TV, pg. 250) I feel Susan Douglas would find "Girlfriends" a.
             feminist friendly program.
             After watching Girlfriends, I did not feel that there was any bias against women. "Girlfriends", is an.
             encouraging, minority relatable show, it does not portray women in a negative way. However the show.
             does point out some women issues indebt, issue pertaining to: adultery, divorce, dating various men,.
             seeking marriage, lesbianism and jealousy. The writer of "Girlfriends wrote a script which allows.
             professional minority women to be free to express their opinion, in which a viewer could use the show.
             to analyze their own friendships with their Girlfriends.

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