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let's focus more on gun contro

             The deaths of the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King in the 60's were the origin of the debate of gun control. But the recent explosion of death in the schools across the nation, such as what happened on April 1999. It was the massacre of 14 students and a teacher at a suburban Colorado high school. In "Gun Control," from the Saint Louis Today website, are discussed different reasons why the American government should do more to enforce the existing gun control laws. In my opinion, it is the government's responsibility to make sure the laws are obeyed, so we can avoid more school shootings, and stop gun dealers.
             The first reason that I believe that gun control should be enforced is because there have been several school shootings. For example, on May 20, 1998 a fifteen-year-old students in Oregon, was expelled for bringing a gun to school. The next day he allegedly opened fire in the school cafeteria, killing two students. Later on, police found his parents shot dead in their home. This is why I think gun control should be enforced. Most of the suspects of the school shootings were teens. Where did they get the guns? Some people keep guns in their home, so they can protect their families in case of a robbery. But who would have thought children would find them, take them to school, and harm their peer and teachers. Obviously, the parents of these children did not do a very well job about putting those guns in a safe place. The Americans for Gun Safety Foundation, reported in the Enforcement Gap that the "Federal laws to keep guns out of the hands of children and away from schools are almost never enforced" ("Gun Control"). This means that children can and will access guns, because the federal laws are often not imposed. We need to obey the existing laws word by word, and make sure our children are safe in schools.
             The second reason that I strongly believe that gun control needs to be reinforced is because it is very important to keep crooked gun dealers off business.

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