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britain during the war

            Up until 1941 the people of Britain went through a lot of problems regarding many issues such as supplies, bombing and keeping up the countries general morale. However in 1941 Britain had managed to turn the war round, in the battle of Britain, so that the Allies were now on top of the German army. As the war then progressed for the allies, the British population started to find that their situation was getting better, and by the end of the war the society was in a better shape than it was before the war.
             There were many ways in which the society was damaged in the early stages of the war and many ways in which society benefited from the war towards the end. The people that still occupied Britain were the women, the children, the old and the disabled. This force of people was known as the home front.
             The declaration of war struck fear throughout many people in Britain. The Government, such as in the First World War took emergency powers. This changed the lives of millions of people throughout the country. Britain feared that bombing would play a great part in the Second World War. For this reason many children had to be evacuated out of the major cities and into the countryside, where the bombing was a lot less intense or non-existent. With all men between the ages of 19 and 40 conscripted to the armed forces in 1939, the old people and women found themselves alone and needing to be independent for the first time. .
             For many people this was a hard and daunting experience. Living on your own during the blitz, with bombs falling all around you in a blacked-out city is an extremely hard thing to do. This turned many people's lives upside down. Having to go out to the shelters every time the siren went off meant that people did not get much sleep. People missed their families because they were either at war fighting, or they had been evacuated. However the blitz ended in the summer of 1941 because the German bombers were needed in an offensive on the USSR.

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